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Components that we do not (want to) support

Thomas Diesler
Hi Dimitris,

currently there are a number of OSGi bundles in the distro that we don't want to support (e.g Jetty HttpService, Aries Blueprint). Generally I assume that every jar we ship must also potentially be supported. Is that still true?

If so, I would remove these bundles from the distro and move test coverage to the jbosgi project. AS7 would then only contain basic OSGi core support and 3rd party bundles would not be shipped any more.

An alternative could be to label all OSGi functionality (that relies on 3rd party bundles) as tech preview and leave the bundles and test coverage in the project source.

please advise

Thomas Diesler
JBoss OSGi Lead
JBoss, a division of Red Hat

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