Docs & examples to update Hibernate ORM via the (existing) provisioning tool

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Docs & examples to update Hibernate ORM via the (existing) provisioning tool

Sanne Grinovero
Hi all,

while I haven't looked at Galleon yet, we now have guidelines for
Hibernate users wishing to run the very latest Hibernate ORM (Search,
OGM) on WildFly:


Some personal thoughts:
 - the feature packs are awesome
 - having slots (and multiple conflicting versions / layers) is
extremely useful and an advantage over Jigsaw which I hope we'll keep
 - it's striking how much Gradle is easier, faster, and more powerful
than Maven: see my examples as I've included fully runnable Gradle
build scripts.

Please don't neglect Gradle's needs and users as it's thriwing in
other communities, while it feels a like second class citizen in the
WildFly ecosystem.
I've done my part by creating the Gradle WildFly Provisioning plugin
mentioned in the docs but I'd like to see more of such things :)

# Many feature packs!

We created lots of feature packs in the Hibernate community; on top of
the Hibernate ORM pack you can find:

Hibernate Search has been split in 5 fine-grained packs:

We also separated into independently released packs some of the
dependencies which people might want to use w/o necessarily pulling in
Hibernate bits:

Elasticsearch client drivers:

Extensions to the Elasticsearch integration which are specific for AWS
security requirements:

GSON packaged for WildFly:

Lucene, packaged for WildFly:

Hibernate OGM is releasing soon as well and will double this list: one
pack for the main artifact plus one for each NoSQL technology's driver
and dialects.

# What's next?

   Many of the above backs just require wildfly-core, yet Hibernate
ORM requires the "full server" as we need various subsystems such as
JTA and Datasources.

   I hope you'll all make these fine-grained so that in the near
future the Hibernate ORM feature pack could declare a smaller
dependency set?

   Also I'm looking forward to suggestions on what we need to do to
get these e.g. in some kind of catalogue / repository - I'm
understanding Galleon would be able to help with discovery?

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