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Fwd: Re: [jbossas-pull-requests] [jboss-as] JBQA-5902 - EJB client reconnection tests for AS7-3215 (#1477)

Jaikiran Pai
Hi Aslak,

Does Arquillian allow individual tests to use a different
arquillian-config.xml if necessary? We are trying to reduce the number
of Maven modules, each using its own arquillian-config.xml in AS7
testsuite. It's related to this pull request


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Subject: Re: [jbossas-pull-requests] [jboss-as] JBQA-5902 - EJB client
reconnection tests for AS7-3215 (#1477)
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 21:03:46 -0800
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>>  This test needs a manual mode of Arquillian container, hence it introduces a new maven module 'manualmode' under>>  the testsuite/integration module.
Let me check with Aslak if there's a way for individual tests to specify a different arquillian-config.xml. That way we won't require a new maven module for this.

>>The new maven module can be used by everyone for other tests that need to manually control the server.
I'm not so sure. Because we currently already have a module for clustering where servers are started manually. However that cannot be reused for this test or other tests because of the specific configurations it starts the servers with. I believe we are going to run into similar cases where the tests would need to start the server manually but with different configurations for the server. So I guess the easier way to do this would be to allow the tests to specify the arquillian-config.xml that they want to use (if at all that's possible).

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