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Fwd: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Stand-alone TCK promotion progress update

Brian Stansberry
I'm forwarding this on to this list as an FYI for anyone here who's involved with these spec projects.

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From: Ed Bratt <[hidden email]>
Date: Thu, Apr 15, 2021 at 11:57 AM
Subject: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Stand-alone TCK promotion progress update
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Hi there,

This is a progress report on the "stand-alone" TCKs that are produced by the Jakarta EE TCK project.

We are still working to get Spec. team feedback on the stand-alone TCKs so that we can move them to "promoted" status.  We have received responses and are either prepared to promote, or working to address missing or incorrect documentation on over half these TCKs. I propose that we promote all TCKs listed below by Sunday this weekend unless there is some active blocker identified by the component team.

Late last week, I notified all the leads and dev groups via e-mail for these projects and we've received good response so far (direct to leads, and cc-ed the -dev list). However, the deadline to have RC candidate TCKs ready next week forces this into crunch priority. I have re-spammed all the projects and leads with TCKs that are not yet ready to be promoted (the first two lists below).

If you have contacts in any of the projects listed in the "with no response" list, please reach out and encourage your colleagues to have a look at the TCK documentation.

Specs with no response (Links are to the "review request" issue in Jakarta EE TCK project):

  1. Concurrency
  2. Connectors
  3. Authorization
  4. Authentication
  5. XML Web Services
  6. Messaging
  7. Faces
  8. Security
  9. SOAP
Specs. with work in progress:
  1. Restful Web Services
  2. Web Socket

Specs. reviewed and ready to promote:

  1. EL
  2. Pages
  3. Persistence
  4. JSON B
  5. JSON P
  6. Tags
  7. Servlet
  8. Transactions
  9. Annotations

For review, all the staged TCKs from Jakarta EE TCK project, for 9.1 can be found in this download folder. Once they are promoted the specific TCKs will be moved here.

Thanks for your help,

-- Ed

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