How-to create Custom SessionManager and SessionConfig implementations?

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How-to create Custom SessionManager and SessionConfig implementations?

Eric B
I've been trying to figure out how to build my own custom SessionManager to push my sessions into Redis with a custom SessionConfig implementation, but am having trouble finding any documentation to that extent.

For the SesisonManager, I've read that I need to:

  1. Develop SessionManager which implements io.undertow.server.session.SessionManager
  2. Develop SessionManagerFactory which implements io.undertow.servlet.api.SessionManagerFactory
  3. Develop startup extension which implements io.undertow.servlet.ServletExtension, and in handleDeployment(Deployment) method change sessionManagerFactory with new SessionManagerFactory.
  4. Register new ServletExtension by adding ../META-INF/services/io.undertow.servlet.ServletExtension file (file should contain the name of new ServletExtension. for example

But I can't seem to find anything that indicates how to provide my own SessionConfig implementation.  How do I register a custom SessionConfig implementation?  Is there any documentation to that extent?

Are there any examples that can show me how to create my own SessionManager and SessionConfig object?



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