Key Dates for WildFly 19

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Key Dates for WildFly 19

Brian Stansberry
Work is getting underway on WildFly 19, so it's time to announce the expected schedule. The development period for WF 19 is going to be a few weeks longer than the usual three months, because a three month period would put a lot of the key dates in late December or early January, when many people are going to be focused elsewhere.

The key thing we're looking at in WF 19 is adding support for more MicroProfile specs. WildFly releases are time-boxed, not feature-boxed, but there's already good progress on Fault Tolerance, JWT and OpenAPI;  very exciting.

Here are the key dates in the WildFly 19 schedule:
  • Fri, Jan 10  — PRs ready to merge for all features coming in via WildFly Core
  • Tue, Jan 14 — All features ready for merge
  • Wed, Jan 15 — WildFly 19 Beta. No new features after this date.
  • Fri, Jan 24  — All changes for WildFly Core ready
  • Tue, Jan 28 — All changes for WildFly ready
  • Thu, Jan 30  — WildFly 19 Final released

WildFly Core should continue to produce betas every couple of weeks.

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