Pretty Print / VDX tests move into WildFly TS

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Pretty Print / VDX tests move into WildFly TS

Rostislav Svoboda

I would like to move existing tests for Pretty Print / VDX (introduced in WF11 / EAP 7.1) into WildFly testsuite.

Testsuite runs with standalone and domain, structure is similar to WF TS (org.wildfly.test.integration.vdx package, depends on jboss-parent, uses JUnit, ARQ)

Tests are stable, TS is running around 3 minutes, it uses Creaper from wildfly-extras ( Creaper is used for offline transformations of the config xml files -

I plan to put these tests under as a new module.

I would like to start with this effort next week, please let me know if you have concerns about this move.

Thank you.

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