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RESTEasy Branch Renaming Announcement

Weinan Li
The RESTEasy project will rename its GitHub 'master' branch by this
Friday (April 9, 2021). In particular, the 'master' branch will be
renamed to 'main', and the `main` branch will be set as the default
branch for Pull Requests.

Any already submitted PRs targeting the 'master' branch will
automatically be
redirected to the 'main' branch. For the local
environment, developers should
do a fetch of the project from GitHub,
and the 'main' branch will be fetched.

And all existing work against the 'master' branch should be migrated
to 'main' branch, and when you open a PR it will default to main. Here
are the steps to take locally:

- Do a git fetch upstream to get the 'main' branch
- rebase your working branch from the main branch(to get the latest
commit from upstream)
- Do the Pull Request workflow as usual(push to forked repo / create
Pull Request), and Github will use 'main' branch to create the Pull
Request by default.

In addition, all new PRs will by default target 'main' instead of 'master'.

For more details on the Github branch renaming, here's the document
for reference:


Wei Nan | JBoss
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