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Re: Joining the dev-community and try to get involved

James Perkins

On Thu, Jun 1, 2017 at 4:36 AM, <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hi there,
I am using the wildfly maven plugin and ran into an NPE, as far as i know, seems to be a bug.
The wildfly project page ( does not give much information about how to get involved, only this mailinglist and Jira ( for bugtracking.
So maybe you can help me:
* How to file the bug. In Jira, should I use the "Red Hat Developer Feedback (RHDFEED)" since it's the only project I can choose for a new issue (the project I want to file the bug is "Wildfly Maven Plugin" though)?

To file a bug for the wildfly-maven-plugin you can use the WFMP JIRA project,
* Since I already got into the code, I could provide a potential bugfix as well. If possible, how is the correct way to create a pull request?

The GitHub repo is here,, and pull requests are always welcome :)
If there's any tutorial about how to get involved that I missed, please be so kind to share it with me and excuse my disturbance (-:

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James R. Perkins
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wildfly-dev mailing list
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