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Brian Stansberry
Switching to the dev list.

Tomaz, the link Kabir provided shows an example of injecting a
SocketBinding service into a service that needs a socket and then using
that to create the socket.  The SocketBinding service is created as a
result of a <socket-binding> element in domain.xml or standalone.xml.

The different thing about your mail service is the sockets involved are
not being opened on the AS itself; what your subsystem has is
configuration for a remote socket. The domain model doesn't currently
support including a <socket-binding> configuration for a remote socket;
that's the thing that would need to be added to tie it all together. is the JIRA for that; if you
want to take that on, that would be great!

On 8/22/11 5:55 AM, Kabir Khan wrote:

> I'm not sure whether to reply at or so I'm ccing the list.
> Here is an example of using socket bindings:
> On 22 Aug 2011, at 11:46, ctomc wrote:
>> as previous branch was corrupted by merge commits from upstream, i have created new branch and cherry picked commits from previous branch...
>> In latest commit there is fix for supporting authentication per server and not globally as it use to be.
>> As for references to socket binding I can implement also that but I would need a few guidelines how to do it.
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