Security policy problems migrating jBoss 6.1+Java7 to Wildfly10+Java8

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Security policy problems migrating jBoss 6.1+Java7 to Wildfly10+Java8

Hello, All,
I'm not sure if this forum is the right place to be asking this level of question, but I wanted to throw it out to see if anyone might have some insight.

I am migrating an application from JBoss 6.1 with Java7 to Wildfly10 with Java8, and have found that our java security implementation has stopped working as expected.

In our application we load up a dynamic policy ( object) with a collection of permissions representing actions you can take in the application. We then evaluate actions a user tries to do using the class and the doAsPrivileged method.

When running this same code setup in Wildfly10 with Java 8, all the security policy data loads up just fine, however the doAsPrivileged strategy returns without exception for all actions and all users, essentially allowing everyone full access to everything regardless of whether or not they should be able to get to all the actions.

When debugging the fully loaded policy objects down inside of the space, what I see is that in addition to the standard actions, there always seems to be an AllPermissions / AllActions entry showing up. It seems like this entry is what might be causing the security behavior I am seeing. I’ve tried removing all the configuration entries that refer to in places like the java.policy, standalone_full.xml, etc. Even with all those removed, the AllPermission type of entry still shows up.

Does anyone have any insight into this behavior, or have some suggested technical documentation that might help me figure it out?

I appreciate any help or direction you can provide.