Standalone EJB client configuration - maximumConnectedClusterNodes

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Standalone EJB client configuration - maximumConnectedClusterNodes

Tomas Hofman

there's a request to simplify jboss-ejb-client configuration:

The issue specifically deals with setting "maximumConnectedClusterNodes", which
is not possible to set via wildfly-config.xml and neither via

(The old client accepted property
"" in, but it's not recognized by the current client.)

I pointed out in the ticket that setting maximumConnectedClusterNodes is
possible via programmatic API, like:

         EJBClientContext context = new EJBClientContext.Builder()
                 .addTransportProvider(new RemoteTransportProvider())
         // lookup etc...

but Jorg considers that to be a workaround and thinks that "simple property
given to the InitialContext should be sufficient".

Now to the solutions:

1) I don't think that passing configuration properties directly to the
InitialContext is the way we want to support. At least I didn't see that
anywhere in current docs, and I didn't see any code (in ejb client) that would
provide for that. Correct?

2) I would like to fix current client to again support
"" in

3) Is it desirable to extend wildfly-config.xml schema to support more config

Tomas Hofman
Software Engineer, JBoss SET
Red Hat
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