Status update on WildFly 17.0.0.Final release

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Status update on WildFly 17.0.0.Final release

Brian Stansberry
Just an FYI that work has begun on producing the WildFly 17.0.0.Final release. We're on track to publish the release to maven and on Monday.

Earlier today James Perkins pushed the 17.0.0.Final tag to github, and the master branch pom versions have moved on to 18.0.0.Beta1-SNAPSHOT. But other aspects of the release, i.e. publishing the binaries and the final boms and quickstarts will be completed Monday. So if you see the tag and wonder what's up, that's what's up. ;)   Doing all the bits of a release usually takes more than a working day. This time it stretches over a weekend so it's a bit more noticeable.

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