Survey for critical fixes for WildFly 21.0.1

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Survey for critical fixes for WildFly 21.0.1

Brian Stansberry
Hello component leads!

We're coming up on the time to do a WildFly 21.0.1 to correct critical issues we've seen with WildFly 21.  It would be good to be in a position to do a WildFly Core release for this by Monday (if needed) and have everything merged into WildFly master by Tuesday.

So now is a good time to scan JIRA for fixes that have come in for WF 22 that should be ported to the 21.x branch, and then make sure PRs are up against 21.x. And if there are other fixes that are critical and safe enough to get in, please get the needed PRs up.

Micro updates to components that have had CVE fixes, even low impact ones, are good to get in if we are confident in their safety.

As always we want to be extra careful in micro releases to not introduce regressions.

Best regards,

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