Testsuite simplification (runs faster!)

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Testsuite simplification (runs faster!)

Ondrej Zizka

I've simplified the testsuite.
Before, it's execution plan was a bit chaotic - things being wildly copied around without much design in it.

Now it works recursively as it should.
That means:

     testsuite/  copies from build/target/...  or  -Djboss.dist,  and configures things used uniformly by whole testsuite:  IP, datasource, users, etc.

    Then, in every submodule:
      - AS is copied from ../target/jbossas to target/jbossas, and makes it's own changes;
     - target/jbossas is copied to target/jbossas-something; those are the instance(s) to be run.

The pom.xml's have changed a lot, so now I need someone to review and merge it before it gets too complicated to resolve rebase conflicts.

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