Upgrade MicroProfile Health Check 2.0.1

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Upgrade MicroProfile Health Check 2.0.1

Jeff Mesnil

I’ve opened a PR to upgrade MicroProfile Health Check to 2.0.1 for WildFly 18.

This major release of the specification has breaking changes that might impact existing users of the HTTP health check probe.

The major changes are:

* the /health HTTP endpoint now checks both liveness and (newly introduced) readiness probes
* the JSON payload has changed (the outcome field has been renamed to status) but the HTTP error codes are the same
* the new /health/live and /health/ready HTTP endpoints checks respectively only the liveness  and readiness probes.

There is also  a new attribute in the subsystem definition named “empty-checks-status” that defines the global status (UP or DOWN) when no probes are registered (default is UP).
This allows applications to make sure that the server is checked as not ready / alive until the application is deployed, its probes are registered and evaluated to determine the liveness/readiness of the application.

More info in the proposal PR: https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly-proposals/pull/229


Jeff Mesnil
JBoss, a division of Red Hat

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