WildFly 23.0.0.Beta1 is released!

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WildFly 23.0.0.Beta1 is released!

Brian Stansberry
WildFly 23 Beta1 is now available at https://www.wildfly.org/downloads/ !  The biggest news in this release is we now support the Eclipse MicroProfile 4.0 versions of the MicroProfil platform specs. Kabir Khan also added tech preview support for MicroProfile Reactive Messaging. Lots of other new stuff too. 

My deepest thanks to everyone involved in this release. We shortened the development cycle for this one to get back to a quarterly cycle where we can release in early September and early December, which I think is best for avoiding intense work during holiday/vacation periods. The year end holidays of course also cut into the available development time. But you all got a LOT done. Great work!

Please give the beta a spin and let us know about any issues you find, as we work toward a mid-March WildFly 23.0.0.Final.

Best regards,

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