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WildFly Core Release Schedule

Jeff Mesnil
As you know, WildFly has changed its release process to be more predictable and deliver time-boxed stable releases.

One of the key component of WildFly is WildFly Core. It provides the “kernel” of WildFly as well as some
extensions and subsystems.
The release process of WildFly is also impacting WildFly Core.

I have written a wiki page to highlight the release schedule of WildFly Core



TL;DR, we release new versions of WildFly Core and integrate them WildFly every 2 weeks (on the 1st and 3rd wednesdays of every month).


We can keep up on this time-boxed releases as we only merge features that are stable and tested according to the new release process.

This should have low impact on ongoing development from contributors but let’s highlight some points:

* At most, there will be a 2-week timeframe between a PR being merged in Core and being available in WildFly. If your code requires changes into the 2 projects, please take into account that buffer.

* Some team (e.g. Elytron) work on several related PRs in parallel but want to have them deliver in a single WildFly Core release. If that’s the case, please mention this explicitly in the PR when it is submitted so we can flag it accordingly and wait until all related PRs are ready to be merged and delivered in the same Core release

* We may have addition tags as we are closer to WildFly releases to deliver Beta, CR releases. We will communicate on this mailing list when we get closer to these dates.

We are planning to deliver WildFly 14 in August.

This means that:
* Friday August 10th - PR for WildFly Core should be ready (all requirements are met, QE checks, community docs, etc.)
* Monday August 13th - Feature freeze for WildFly Core 6.0.0
* Wednesday August 15th - Feature freeze for WildFly 14
  * we only accept bug fixing after these dates
* End of august - Final tag for WildFly 14


Jeff Mesnil
JBoss, a division of Red Hat

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