jboss-msc and jboss-modules m2eclipse issue

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jboss-msc and jboss-modules m2eclipse issue

Michal Linhard
Hi all,

I'm using Eclipse + m2e to browse and debug AS7 code.
Recently I updated to Eclipse 3.7 + m2eclipse, which
does advanced validation of maven projects it imports.
It has problem with maven-injection-plugin we use in projects jboss-msc
and jboss-modules.
I was able to work around this issue by defining lifecycle mapping as
described here:

to avoid doing this on every import for those who use m2eclipse we could
define the lifecycle mappings somewhere in the project pom or parent pom.



Michal Linhard
Quality Assurance Engineer

Red Hat Czech s.r.o.
Purkynova 99 612 45 Brno, Czech Republic
phone: +420 532 294 320 ext. 62320
mobile: +420 728 626 363

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