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Bill Burke
A user needed an upgrade to resteasy for JBoss AS 7.  To upgrade it
though, he has to copy each and every jar to the appropriate directory
*AND* edit XML files to export the appropriate new jars.

Initially to make the process easier, don't require a <resource/>
element within module.xml.  If there is none, have the runtime export
every jar in that directory.

I'd also like to suggest a redesign of the module structure:

1. Have a central module.xml file instead of separating it out into
multiple module files.

2. Point <resources/> to maven artifacts instead of actual files.

3. Allow configuring of maven repository directory

4. Later on, allow downloading of maven repository directory.

With those two things your directory structure becomes very simplified
and profiles can be shipped into an even smaller set of files.

Bill Burke
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